Subordinated loan and more: finance company supports in the realization of new ideas and projects.

Whether it's a new product or a desire to expand and enter new markets, when experience, expertise and new opportunities mature into a futuristic or clear-cut project, often only a financial or strategic business solution is needed to realize the project. An investment and financing solution such as a subordinated loan offers opportunities, but it also requires a financial services provider with industry knowledge and familiarity with complex financial situations.

Sustainable success through investments

It is not just projects or the realization of new ideas that can benefit from cooperation with investors and external know-how. Improvements in the competitive situation, the increase in productivity and other goals that should ensure sustainable success for a company can also be realized in cooperation with an experienced partner. Not to be underestimated are also extensive networks and resources that are available to the partners of such finance companies. Especially if industry knowledge meets much more extensive expertise, a partnership can offer advantages for both sides.


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Subordinated loan and other financing options

Dubai's First Investments FZE has over ten years of experience in financing and advising corporations and institutional investors around the world. The focus of her work is on projects in the fields of technology, energy, manufacturing and real estate. Not least because of the continuous expansion of their competencies and their international networking in different fields, the experts can support any project - regardless of whether a company already has or is in the process of establishing a functioning business model. Its internationally-diversified network includes renowned investors and business and corporate experts as well as professional consultants from various industries. Coupled with their experience in the areas of subordinated loans, private capital, venture capital and silent participations, as well as the ability to master even complex financial situations, they develop sustainable solutions for their partners.

Internationally active and networked

In many ways, First Investments FZE is a reflection of what makes Dubai successful: local experience paired with a global perspective. Thus, the financing company was also able to realize numerous successful projects in Germany and other European countries such as Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Turkey. And companies from some African and Asian countries have already benefited from a partnership with First Investments. The focus of her work was primarily on companies from the fields of renewable energies, real estate, automobiles and finance. Its main services include financing and advisory, mergers and acquisitions, investments, assets and fund management.

To date, First Investment FZE has successfully funded 91 projects with a total of $ 4.1 billion. The company now has over 300 active clients and a financing network consisting of more than 1,500 refinancers.

Article dated 6.2.2019

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