How Arab investors can open the doors to new markets

In addition to being purely financial investors, Arab investors often enter into strategically oriented alliances. Through trading venues such as Dubai, they maintain strong contacts and networks in the Arab, African and Asian markets in order to open up new customer groups and markets.

Participations, investments, financings and a qualified financial strategy advice

The German middle class still has an excellent reputation in many industries. Even if, for example, the domestic market is weakening or framework conditions such as financing or the preservation of a sufficiently high equity base become more difficult for all necessary investments, they are attractive business partners, especially for Arab investors. Global markets continue to grow and financial services companies in the Middle East have become a powerful hub for capital flows. With the targeted development of the financial services sector in the region, reliable, efficient and qualified providers such as First Investments FZE are the first address for a sustainable preparation of corporate finances.

Arab investors

As an international finance company, First Investments FZE offers specialized financing and investment solutions for companies and institutional clients. With expertise in private capital, venture capital and silent participations, clients benefit from tailor-made and effective solutions for realizing new ideas and projects. Arab investors are coming up with a broad investment portfolio in real estate, innovation, the energy sector, technology development, the education sector and the services sectorand local companies together for mutual benefit. First Investments FZE offers clients a powerful combination of global perspective and local experience. Highly qualified teams of consultants also handle complex financial situations in order to invest globally and innovatively.

The network includes internationally renowned investors and business and corporate experts as well as state wealth funds, pension funds, banks, insurance companies and university foundations. Extensive expertise is available in areas such as technology, real estate, design and research. Companies are getting support to improve their competitive position by expanding into new products and markets, increasing productivity and strengthening their business. Anyone who opens up as a company to the up-to-date financing options available through international markets and Arab investors will, in addition to the restrictive lending guidelines of German financial institutions, gain new opportunities for corporate management.

An active financial services provider in many countries and in many sectors

Arab investors are focusing on manufacturing, energy, technology and real estate.Especially in these areas, German companies can self-confidently refer to appropriate qualities. This makes them interesting for the financing network of First Investments FZE, so they can drive forward the development and continuation of a corporate strategy.

Financing, consulting, mergers and acquisitions, investments, wealth and fund management - Arab investors and companies come together through First Investments FZE in Dubai and other locations.

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