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Financial advice from Dubai experts will give interested parties access to an attractive portfolio of investments in real estate, innovation, the energy sector, technology development, the education sector and the services sector.

Specialized industry knowledge combined with high financial services expertise

Dubai is considered the center of international financial flows and transportation hubs. All the trading and marketplaces of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America are combined here into a powerful center of financial services - especially for organizations and institutional investors. First Investments FZE brings together local expertise and a global perspective of unparalleled quality to efficiently and lucratively execute financial planning, investment management, project management and corporate finance.


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Financial consulting in Dubai operates with modern, lean thinking structures

Financial centers, especially in the Middle East, have proven to be an attractive alternative when it comes to financing and investment. A financial advisory such as the First Investments FZE is free from the classical, sometimes centuries-old European structures of thought, dependencies and interdependencies. As a result, and through the targeted development of networks and contacts all over the world to business partners of all sectors and industries, especially those organizations have attractive opportunities looking for financial and strategic business solutions for new ideas and projects. Special expertise in the areas of private capital, risk capital and silent participations also ensures swift and sustainable strategy development.

The worldwide network includes internationally renowned investors, business and corporate experts, state wealth funds, pension funds, banks, insurance companies and university foundations. Experienced consultants with expertise in areas such as technology, real estate, design and research help investors and companies improve their competitive position. Developing new products, expanding into new markets and increasing productivity - with qualified financial advice and international contacts, new perspectives open up for the realization of even ambitious business plans.

Industry experts and specialists as targeted external resources

First Investments refers to services in financing, consulting, mergers & acquisitions, investments, asset and fund management. Its business activities include the European region, in particular countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Albania and Georgia, as well as some Asian countries and the African continent. The focus is on areas such as renewable energies, real estate, technology and automobiles & finance.

Dubai Financial Services works with a network of 1,500 refinancers. 91 projects were successfully funded by First Investments for a total value of $ 4.1 billion.

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