Challenge financing: In Dubai, experts support

For many companies, financial investments are the ideal solution for financing issues, which occur again and again, especially in the area of ​​expansion. The goals that can be achieved with them are often vital for companies to survive. Comprehensive advice on financing is provided by a Dubai-based company.

Looking good financially in the direction of the future

Many companies are struggling with their finances or looking for special investment opportunities. Although they are quite active in the market, they can record good sales, but they are not in a position to invest sufficiently in the future. Because the generated capital is only limited enough to expand, to develop new products and to open up new markets.

Now it would be possible to borrow a classic loan to pave the way for the future. However, the traditional banking houses are not always what the company currently needs. Rather, they are looking for financing and investment solutions that present themselves flexibly, adapt to the company and that can also cover specialist areas within the company and corporate financing.


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Which areas of specialization in corporate finance are there?

Apart from the traditional corporate credit of traditional banking houses, more and more financial plans can be found that are well structured and, despite everything, always keep an eye on the company that uses the financing. Financing is structured to take the company's portfolio and enable investment in, for example, real estate, the energy sector, technology development, the education sector, the service sector or innovation.

Business models that are already successful can be further developed and made fit for the future. This is important in order to build a high-performance company that can also operate internationally with the local experience already gained.

For this to succeed, it is important that an experienced investor is found: an investment company that, at best, operates internationally and can offer specialized financing and investment solutions to companies, but also to institutional clients, while providing professional advice.

Get advice on financing in Dubai: The First Investment FZE

First Investment FZE is an international finance company based in Dubai that provides advisory and financial support. The company has a professional network of internationally renowned investors and experts around the world.

The financing is based on state wealth funds, pension funds, banks, insurance companies and university foundations.

From this foundation, a capital investment can be developed that fits in with the company and makes it possible for different companies to be linked together in order to seek success together. The First Investments FZE team works with companies that have achieved good results in the past. These include successful start-ups as well as large companies that have been on the market for a long time.

The services offered as part of corporate financing are very comprehensive. They include not only traditional financing and consulting, but also mergers for acquisitions, investments, asset and fund management. The company operates globally and has a financing network of more than 1,500 refinancers. Currently, more than 300 active customers are looked after.

Companies are always financially sound when they use financing and investment options that function globally and come from investment experts who can call up various services in a package.

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